Radox Bubble Bath

I’m an absolute sucker for having a nice hot bubble bath in the evening, especially with the weather starting to turn so cold and dark.

But because I have a bath so frequently I am always a little reluctant to go for any of the more luxurious or expensive bubble baths. Though on reflection I don’t think it is the sort of product where ££s means added quality.

There’s something about several of the Radox bath products that I just absolutely love. They all smell fantastic and a little creates more than enough foamy white bubbles for an hour long soak. Even the ones that have a very specific purpose like the muscle soak one certainly seem to fit the brief.

But if I run out of bubble bath all hell tends to break out. It’s basically an end of the world situation for me though that’s normally because I’m caught up in it all and sobbing at having to go to town the next day for some more. As a result I tend to buy several bottles online and get them sent to me when I get down to having half a bottle left.


And looking at six bottles of bubble bath seems ridiculous even to me (though it is technically five because one is the blackberry scented one for men because my partner deserves a pamper sometimes too) but they all have different purposes and my emotions can vary enough to need them all.


On one of my better emotional days I just need a bath to cement me in that happy place and feel like I’m being transported to a garden full of fresh flowers and wildlife and Feel Blissful helps me to manage that. The scent isn’t too strong on this one so you need to close your eyes and properly breath it in to enjoy it (though beware if you are tired it might make you nearly nod off mid-bath). This is almost certainly my favourite one of their products and gets a five out of five.


Feel Heavenly has a similar purpose in my life to Feel Blissful but I use this one if I need to pamper myself or intend to go out in the evening. As you soak in it and just relax and unwind it makes it seem like you are an angel floating through the clouds. I expected the aroma to be far too weak for me to pick up on it as it screams gentle in ingredients and colour but actually it is noticable and more than just a set of bubbles. The scent doesn’t last quite as long as some of my baths do though so it gets a four out of five from me.


The main issue with sleeping is never knowing if you will be able to drop off to sleep quickly. You can be so tired but just end up tossing and turning for hours on end. For me if I have one night like that I seem to have several more to follow so to avoid that I use Sleep Easy which packs a scented punch and leaves the body so relaxed that falling to sleep like a baby is amazingly easy. They are well known scents for helping to relax and unwind and this product certainly does the trick. It gets four and a half out of five from me.


The first time I ever went to use Stress Relief I was really worried about how strong the eucalyptus would be when extracted from the bubbles and left to float in the steam. This one actually hardly smells of anything at all or is so subtle that I don’t tend to pick up on it. I’m never sure when I come out the bath feeling a little less stressed whether it’s because of this product or just because that’s how baths make me feel but I do know I never step out and feel like all my worries are being washed away down the plughole. This is probably one of my least favourites and would get a three of five.


At first it feels like Muscle Soak is some sort of miracle product. For me as soon as I hop into a bath of this stuff when I have an aching body things begin to feel better. But I always use this when my body aches and imagine I have just being massively sucked into the marketing. Regardless I really do like this product and the scent that it produces which is again soft yet refreshing and noticable. This gets a three and a half out of five for me as the scent works and if nothing else the marketing illusion does its job fantastically.


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