Peanut Butter Oreos

With how much of a craze Oreos have become in both the UK and the US over the last couple of years you might think they were a recent creation. But actually they have existed for close to, if not actually, 20 years and they appeared in TV shows such as inside the vending machine in an early episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


But they have obviously decided to expand from just the plain biscuits with the twisting, licking and dunking thing. I at least presume that the whole method to eating them doesn’t apply to most limited edition Oreos as putting candy floss into a glass of milk is a bizarre concept without even considering the flavour issues.


Recently I had a chance to try the peanut butter flavour ones and after some of the other limited edition ones I was unsure what to expect. The berry one was fantastic and really packed a punch but the candy floss ones didn’t really remind me of floss from a fair.


On opening them they certainly had the smell of peanut butter and that got my tastebuds all excited. I’m a sucker for peanut products and was so keen to not be disappointed. The Oreo itself provided that usual crunch and sweetness just before the punch of peanut got me. They certainly taste like they are meant to but have got the usual consistency of an Oreo cream rather than the sticky or crunchy texture of peanut butter.

I imagine these are love or hate amongst the Oreo community. Peanut butter is a very specific taste and mixing it with sweet things (such as chocolate) can leave people pulling their out. For me I like Oreos but I’d rather sink my teeth into a BM or a Jammie Dodger. These little beauties get a four out of five.

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