Priori Advanced AHA

I remember back in April when I was recommended these three Priori products I was so sceptical. I couldn’t believe that a £5 tube of gentle skin cleanser and mid-range repair and moisturising products could be any different to these much more expensive ones.

She wasn’t just suggesting them to earn a bit of commission (though at £22, £41 and another whopping £41 it would possibly be fair to make that assumption) but because she strongly believed they would be effective but gentle enough on my skin. I explained to her that I used a tea tree cleanser and a cheap Avon moisturiser she was shocked at just how dry it was leaving my skin. It wasn’t just a case of removing dead skin as I pointed to all the other lifeless skin cells on my body and she came up with this solution. When I go in I tend to have the Coffeeberry products on my face but she didn’t think they would be quite right for me on a daily basis though they smell great so I wish they could be incorporated somehow. I wasn’t paying the bill that day and I had the freedom to get them so I took the risk.


Obviously it was going to be a waiting game for my face to heal and for these to start working but slowly I started to notice that these scentless and amazingly light creams were making a difference. I started by using the cleanser twice a day and the other two just in the morning whilst my face got used to it. Recently I took everything to twice a day as my nose and eyebrow area still got dry patches on a less frequent use and they are becoming less noticable and frequent.


But it really does work and the barrier repair and skin renewal don’t block my pours up like some similar products I have used before. Though the size of the box is enough to throw anybody off when they open it as if it wasn’t for cardboard support the tubes would roll and rattle around all day long. It has to be full marks for these but I have no idea what I am going to do when these darling tubes run out because at present I cannot afford to replace them with more of the same (though they have reduced their prices recently) – suggestions welcome.

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