Benefit Bonanza

When it comes to make-up I am happily the first person to admit I know about the brands and the types but ask me to put it on and I will just stare at you blankly. I understand everything eye related and have got my mascara down to a tee but struggle with winged eyeliner because of my lack of contacts and therefore being able to see.


And over the last few months I have decided I want to learn and understand what everybody means. Walking through town, day or night, and even people that haven’t finished high school have got it all figured out.

Just before my birthday I mentioned to my mum when in Boots about the Benefit Cosmetic products and how I know loads of people that use them and rave about them. I didn’t think twice about it until it was my actual birthday and she handed me a bag of items to ‘open on the day’.


And after looking through several cute and little things it was time to pull out the box inside. I got it up onto the table and realised it was a Benefit box and was taken away with just how pretty it looked and the cuteness of the animal scene all around it.


As well as a wide range of samples in their own delightful packaging there was the Do The Hoola box set. I’d been watching various Youtube videos just the night before of people applying the Hoola bronzer and shouting about it from the rooftop.

I just needed to figure out how to use it without looking like a complete clown. Luckily I watched and read enough things in advance to know the tips and tricks booklet that is included didn’t seem quite right to me and instead I followed other places and people for advice.


I absolutely love all the products in the box. They smell great, last ages and don’t look too much or give that fake look. And slowly I am getting the confidence to be able to use them and understand them a bit more.

But the one thing I can comment on without doubt is the They’re Real mascara which is incredible. The shape of the applicator isn’t too much and allpws for such smooth and simple application without any lumps or bumps appearing. It lasts well and doesn’t seem to damage the eyelashes unlike some cheaper mascaras. I’ve not cried or got stuck in a downpour whilst wearing it so cannot comment on how well it stays in all the right places but as they created a specific matching remover to go with it I can assume it will stand such a test.

My mum deserves so many thank yous for getting me this because it actually helped me to finally take that step into a world I hovered around but never dared to enter.

The only problem now is I would love to get my hands on several of the other boxes. Maybe I can pop them on my Christmas list somewhere between candles and long length matches.

4 thoughts on “Benefit Bonanza

  1. Beautiful kit. I do understand your situation with winged eyeliner, I love it and have been doing it since 1987 and I still always mess up one eye because I was bit by a dog that leftv one side of my face scarred, a scar by the right side of my mouth and also by my right eye, it affected that eye in other ways, the size and shape is different as well as my vision out of that eye, so closing my good eye to do the other one leaves it very challenging. I try and try so hard but its just so hard and I don’t feel right or complete if I don’t do it so I’m almost always with uneven wings…so frustrating.

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    • It is such a challenge. I know that I should keep on trying and eventually I will figure out a way that works for me and looks fairly even but it’s pretty disheartening time after time of just failing. Besides it puts me off wanting to get a really nice eyeliner until I can actually do it otherwise I am just wiping money off my face over and over again.

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      • I love the silkissisme eyeliner, one of my favorites that’s affordable. What I find easiest for getting a nice straight, deep line and wing is gel eyeliner with a very fine sturdy eyeliner brush. I had got a seta eyeliner brush and mica gel liner in a Boxycharm and love how it works, I get the most precision that way. Its just trying to do that other eye without being able to see so I do understand that constant failing. It is disheartening, espwcially when everything else came out so perfect and then that just ruins it. Keep practicing, maybe eventually you’ll get it the way people who get so used to applying their makeup that they can do it without a mirror. .. you might get used to the exact way, distance, etc it takes to get it even with the seeing issue…. hopefully. đŸ™‚ I’ve gotten used to mine always being messed up and so now I just do the best I can and leave it that way lol My biggest challenge is eyebrows. I just can’t get those even or right either. I don’t know why I have this uneven issue but I do . Just keep practicing. Sit in front of your mirror, even when you have nowhere to go or nothing to do ..take out everything you have and just keep playing around till you find what works best for you. ..:)


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