Shower Scents

After posting yesterday about my current shampoo and conditioner fix I thought I would take a closer lool at a couple of Imperial Leather‘s new shower gels and creams.

Having a shower or a bath is a great way for me to relax my mind, think things through and plan for the next day or hours ahead. To me it is essential to have products that make me feel good, confident and clean without having to work with them or perform some trick to get the most out of them.

There has been a lot of talk about the marshmallow, fruit salad, sherbet lemon and spearmint products that they brought out and rightly so. They smell wonderful and because of the smell there is something that feels sort of luxurious about them. The marshmallow one doesn’t smell hugely of that to me but then I’m only used to flumps rather than the proper ones from places like The London Marshmallow Company.


But they also brought out a new collection of fruity fragranced products and I happened to get my hands on the apple and pear one as well as the mango and papaya one. Both smell absolutely amazing. They also do new revitalising, soothing and relaxing ones as well as various other fruity scents.

In the past I have used fruity shower products that have felt a bit sticky and heavy on the skin – something nobody wants when attempting to get clean. Some others can simply seem a bit limp and lathering them up seems like an impossible mission. But these products use a great formula that mean they smell like the intended fruits but stay light, fresh and foamy. That formula also helps ensure that they keep the skin soft and looking good compared to some that use harsh chemicals and damage and dry the skin out.

At a steal of a price, even when not in one of the many sales on the supermarket shelves thry can be got for as little as 89p, it is clear why these are quickly cementing themselves as a favourite.

I cannot fault these one bit although I wish they could last forever and my supply would magically get topped up whenever it gets below a certain level.

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