Banana Bliss

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I am a fan girl of Body Shop but I certainly do love a good Body Shop product from time to time.

There are some things I don’t see the point in investing large amounts of money in but beauty products are something that I believe should be considered carefully. It is so important that they feel good, smell great and can give us a bit of a lift.

Most shampoo and conditioner works perfectly well on my hair but they don’t leave it feeling great after a couple of hours, the smell is a bit blergh or they contain a load of chemicals that I question the long term effects of.

A couple of months ago my usual Body Shop 2 in 1 ran out and I decided to give a different set a go and see what it did for my hair in comparision. I opted for their best selling banana shampoo and conditioner that they claim will leave hair looking shiny, soft and tangle free whilst smelling good enough to eat.


I absolutely love Body Shop for their packaging because it means I can easily tell how much of the product I actually have left instead of ot suddenly getting to a stage where you have to leave it upside down about 10 minutes in advance to squeeze any out. But also because it means I can see the bright and vibrant colours of the product instead of it being hidden away.

They are right that the product smells good enough to eat (though obviously do not) and this is down to the actual pureed bananas inside – which is why it comes with that price tag. When I purchased it I was skeptical because of banana flavouring for cakes and foam bananas completely ruining my idea that anything that isn’t an actual banana could taste or smell nice. No worries about a sickly sweet pong from these though.

I cannot really tell if it leaves hair looking shiny but mainly because I do not have dry looking hair to begin with and because I do not put colour in my hair it hasn’t ran the risk of having goodness stripped from it. But it doesn’t leave my hair looking greasy or overly shiny and therefore that’s a job well done. It help maintaining that balance is essential and keeping it shiny makes it look less flat (which for long thick haired me is essential).

It certainly delivers on the soft hair factor as the above comments on shine might lead you to expect but I often end up with slightly tangled hair after using. I think part of this is just I struggle to get the shampoo and conditioner into my hair and back out again without catching hair on my fingers and it ending up knotted. I wouldn’t say the shampoo or conditioner has made the knots better or worse and if you are normally knot free then this is unlikely to add to them.

Whilst they are one of the Body Shop’s best sellers both have a four out of five star overall rating on their website and I would have to agree with that. They are good but I think they could be just a little more wow, with a softer feel and longer lasting smell, for that price.

They could be a lot worse though that is for sure!

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