Autumn Calling

With autumn on the way I decided it was time to splash out on a couple of new clothing items and headed out all excited.

But I have an issue. Not only am I lumpy and bumpy in places that brands do not understand I also have longer than usual arms (I have a heart condition that affects many things including making my arm span longer than my height: Barbie eat your heart out). So going to all the usual places on a shoestring budget is pretty much impossible and so demoralising.

I can go into Primark and try something on two sizes bigger than I am and if I can move my shoulders or get it to the end of my wrists it is more than a miracle (after 21 years on this earth I am still waiting for that day).

The only way 174cm me can get anything from New Look is by hitting the tall section. But with that costs more money and also having to buy it online because apparently tall people do not shop on the high street (of course not it is a complete nightmare with so few affordable options available).

I don’t even step inside Topshop, Next or River Island because until I become a person on a healthy income and slim down to a size 8 I am never going to walk in and think something would suit me for £40.

The thing is I actually love shopping and getting new clothes. I love feeling amazing and looking different but my body proportions are all wrong and clothes are just not made for me. But sometimes I can go into a shop and get something I love and it is difficult to resist doing a happy dance.


This weekend was a happy dance moment. I walked into TK Maxx and right there was a jumper that I adored. I know that most things in there that are meant to be a little baggy just need me to up the size once so it fits on my arms and I was in luck. The jumper, which has a pink tone that probably does nothing for my skin type, has two fluffy owls on the front and just screamed cute are childish and in need of more jumpers me. It lands on just the right place for my wrist and I can handle it being a little on the large side everywhere else.

But that will probably be my jumper luck for this year. I managed to buy one last year and have found one this year. Unless some kind company for long arms sends me some jumpers to put to the test, it will have to do.

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