Avon’s Plump Pout Lipgloss

Regular readers I promise the end is near for this lip product review series. If you want some information on it then click here. Avon’s Plump Pout Lipgloss I can’t help but be nervous with a product that claims to plump and help produce a pout. So often they end up being the wrong shade […]

Sleeptherapy Pillow Spray and Restful Night Balm

As somebody that can seriously struggle to sleep on a regular basis, I love giving new methods and products a try. From sprays and scents to certain bubble baths and stepping away from screens I feel like I’ve tried it all. The simple reality is I struggle to relax and unwind my mind when it […]

Benefit’s Benebalm

So I thought I’d sort of break the trend from doing lipstick reviews to talk about Benefit’s Benebalm a bit more. I touched the surface when discussing the Do The Hoola kit but thought I’d use my general lip product recent chats to go into it a little more. Benefit’s Benebalm As this came in […]

The NFL match (Bills v Jaguars)

On Sunday 25 October the day I had waited months for finally arrived. All the way back at the start of the year I bought tickets to go to Wembley to see Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars as a combined main Christmas and birthday present for my partner. We’ve both gone to Wembley before but […]

Avon’s Carnation Lipstick

That’s right guys, it’s time for another lipstick review. If you don’t already know what I’m upto then click here. If you do know then I’m surprised you’re even reading this paragraph. Avon’s Carnation Lipstick Whenever I hear the word carnation I always think of the flowers. They are so simple and yet so beautiful […]

Encouraging Thunder Award

Ah Glitterglosglo nominated me for the Encouraging Thunder Award and this one super interests me and I love reading posts by other people on this award. The rules: Thank the person the nominated you. Include the logo in the post. Answer the topic. Nominate other people (but as always if you want to be nominated […]

Avon’s Pout Lipstick

Hi lovelies. It’s time for another lipstick review. If you don’t already know what I’m upto then click here. If you do know then I’m sorry to keep on reminding you about that post. Avon’s Pout Lipstick There’s something comforting about a lipstick that calls itself pout. Mentally it creates the vision of it giving […]

Amira Rice

That’s right guys you read the title right I said rice. And no I’m not in on some secret beauty, fashion or lifestyle trick involving rice that you’ve never heard of I do mean the stuff you can eat. A few weeks ago during National Curry Week Amira liked one of my posts on Instagram […]

Avon’s Footworks Comforting Spray

I remember getting this spray a while ago but never got around to using. It’s a product that my body would probably appreciate and especially in the summer when my feet get really swollen from the heat. It says it is good for legs and feet and that’s a concept that really interests me because […]