Grosvenor Fish Bar – Norwich

Earlier this month I went on a little city break to Norwich. I was desperate to get out of London for a while and go to somewhere pretty cheap that I hadn’t visited before.

The weather there was glorious and as we opted for there instead of a seaside town because it was a direct train out of London and the hotel was cheaper to stay in. After picking up a leaflet advertising various places to eat and looking up the menu online we decided to try out Grosvenor Fish Bar.

On approaching the fish and chip shop, opposite a pub where you can ask them to deliver your food to, there was that traditional smell filling the air. Alright it didn’t have the smell of sand in the distance or the crashing of waves happening out of the corner of your eye but it had that appeal. People were sitting on tables outside battling with their wooden sporks to eat up their warm and crispy chips.

We’d decided to go their for our main meal of the day mid-afternoon. It was around 2pm when we turned up and I made my way downstairs into their stone and arched basement to find a table. It was lovely and cool leaning against the brickwork whilst waiting on food to be brought to the table.

In the end we opted for the ‘five quid squid’ and cod goujon both coming with a side of chips. We got some mushy peas and curry sauce (seriously they reminded me just how badly they are done in London and reminded me of my beloved Yorkshire) to dip our freshly cooked and melt-in-the-mouth chips into.

As we opted to sit in the fish and chip place we got soft drinks and the whole thing came to just over £12. We split the calamari and goujon in half resulting in an almighty battle for the alioli (which was, of course, delightful) that came with the squid.

Such delightfully tasty food!

Such delightfully tasty food and the calamari was a lot more crisp than the colour suggests!

It’s a good job we weren’t in a rush because there was no way we could battle through such delightful food at pace. We just sat there for a while and enjoyed the atmosphere (they were playing such a mixture of music but it fitted the setting incredibly well), the time we were having and just how good the food was (especially for the price). I couldn’t help but laugh at them finding a worthy use of a corona bottle, certainly much better than filling one up with beer, by putting holes in the lid and turning them into salt pots.

Certainly would recommend and if I ever happen to be in Norwich again then I know where I am likely to go and grab some food. A great place to go if you happen to be staying overnight for football in the coming season as well and want something filling, tasty but cheap (be sure to check their opening hours though!).

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