An Update And A Return

I feel like I have let you all down. I disappeared without a trace for months on end and honestly have no good reason for it at all. I have gone to restaurants, tried out new recipes and discovered a collection of new brands, flavours and ingredients.

A stand out is a South African pub in Croydon called the Glamorgan. A varied selection of food from different South African cultures, a huge selection of alcohol and very friendly staff. It isn’t the kind of pub that has been completely gastro-ed either. You would be surprised on walking in and sitting at the table I went to that evening that the pool table is not simply there to keep that rustic pub feeling. Instead a couple of locals came in, grabbed and pint and got stuck into a couple of games. A delightful place to go and if it wasn’t a fifteen minute walk from my flat I would without a doubt be happy to make it my local and go in once a week. For reference though if you want the bunny chow do not eat anything for breakfast or at least for lunch because that is one huge quantity of bread to consume.

It turns out there is also an amazing little cafe in Streatham, in a parade of shops near Longthornton Road, that is great to go and get a lunch. Run by Portuguese and visited by many regulars and friendly faces on an almost daily basis they provide a wide selection of fresh lunches (meat, fish and vegetarian) made on ordering. A delightful atmosphere to stand in whilst you wait for your lunch to be made or you can take some proper time out from lunch and take a seat outside and have chats with a couple of the other regular diners. You are made to feel like part of the family there (even if like me Portuguese isn’t in your language remit).

I finally made it to Kaspas in Croydon (I’ve been wanting to go to one for over a year now). A gelato and dessert chain that is sweeping across the UK. Okay so their interior is a bit garish and I have to admit that their seating system may be a little confusing but to be honest the pure delight and heaven that comes from their ice cream makes up for everything. Create your own sundaes with a wide variety or unusual and exciting flavours, go for waffles covered in chocolate sauce, grab an indulgent smoothie or try something else utterly incredible. It’s always busy in there with people of a whole variety of ages going in to get themselves a well deserved pick-me-up treat but if you don’t have time to sit down and enjoy then don’t worry you can grab it and eat it on your travels (though this might make people on the bus or tram a little too jealous of you so choose carefully) or perhaps dash home with it to make a loved one with a soar throat feel a little bit better.

To my concern I seem to have become an increasingly large fan of couscous, which is of course fine with summer being on the way but I need to get the interest out the system by the time autumn returns. On the other hand you’ll be pleased to know my beans and pulses allergy seems to have calmed a little now and I can handle to rogue garden pea or chickpea making its way into my food (keep me well away from all those other beans, pulses and peanuts though).

Well, I’m back. I have lots of food trips and experiments planned ahead. Ow! and also a beer festival too. So speak to you soon. Come back soon and it will actually be worth your while.

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