Comfort (cookbook)

With winter well and truly settled in and being all friendly with us wherever we go this cookbook came at exactly the right time.

Even though globalisation and transportation mean we no longer have to stick to the traditional ‘winter meals’ there is still something about them that causes our tummies to glow in excitement.

It seems so long ago since it was summer, leafy green salads filled our plates and everything had an air of lightness and simplicity too it. Summer was a time when there seemed to be a never-ending combination of food that we could eat.

As the weather turned we pulled back out our slow cookers and prepared for another winter full of stew and roasts altered merely by a few choice vegetables.

Luckily, Comfort, written by Carolyn Caldicott and photographed by Chris Caldicott, is the cookbook to save you from such pains of winter cooking with “recipes to warm the heart and feed the soul”.


Comfort – the cookbook itself.

As somebody busy with work, education and a social life sometimes it’s hard to eat well and remember to spend time actually cooking things that are enjoyable so for me this cookbook was a lifeline to save me from repeating simple meals any more times.

From breakfasts worth getting up for to baking away the blues (like my favourite smoked haddock kedgeree), this book covers all bases. As a keen baker the recipe for lemon drizzle cake caught my eye almost immediately and after making christmas cakes recently it meant I only had to go out and buy a lemon or two.


Lemon drizzle cake all cooked up and ready to serve.

The recipes are so simple (but not overly dumbed down) and work perfectly. Following instructions to the letter meant I had a cake that my partner said “it’s so good you could buy this in a shop”. I quickly passed the quality praise to Comfort. The cake had the perfect amount of zestyness whilst remaining moist and light. An absolute delight to bake and eat!

I really want to give the cover image recipe, cinnamon spiced butternut squash soup with cheesy crouton topping, a go in the near future. Especially with the squash officially being back in season now. There’s even a recipe for a creamy bread sauce meaning that if a roast does occur it can at least have a splash of something a little different.

This book is so incredibly inviting in appearance, style and quality. You can tell the Caldicott’s owned the World Food Cafe in Covent Garden (London) for many years serving food and recipes they discovered on their travels.

Comfort is available to buy now from Frances Lincoln ( at £9.99 RRP.

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