The Total Fruyo challenge

We’ve all seen the new Fruyo advert by now right? The one where the magician pulls out a pot of 0% fat free total greek yoghurt and uses camera trickery to combine it with a bit of fruit and the crowd pretends to be blown away.

Well, I had a chance to give those new fat free fruity greek yoghurts a try and see whether they were a match made in heaven or just a big summer flop. Six yoghurts, six days but only one woman. Would I survive the tastebud rollercoaster?


With six different flavours to try it was a tough decision to know exactly where to start. A simple but ever so sweet vanilla with speckles running through it? A strawberry one with delightful bursts of soft but fresh berries throughout? A blueberry one so vibrantly purple it looks like you’ve just stomped on a crate of them? A peach one smelling so strongly it’s like biting into the real thing? A cherry one where I find most to taste of emulsion and little else but with the constant hopes provided by a nice colour and fresh cherry bits. Or a lemon one with lemon zest in to keep you on your tangy tantalised tastebuds?

It turns out I tried the best one last. I adored the strawberry one so much and if asked I would recommend it everyday of the week. In my opinion, it blows all other strawberry yoghurts completely out the water. I’ll bet you five yoghurt pots on that.


Some weren’t quite as delightful. I personally found the lemon one to be delughtfully tangy but also very sweet. They clearly tried to reach a balance to not make it all sour and leave consumers with a bitter aftertaste but instead my tongue was left feeling how it did after childrens medicine. Although, some lemon enthusiasts I know had a spoonful and fell in love with it. Perhaps I am just not destined to be a lemon yoghurt expert any time soon.


Blueberry and vanilla also ranked pretty highly on my list, whilst cherry and peach were just alright.



However, the reality of them being thick and creamy fat free greek yoghurt mixed with good flavours and ingredients makes them some of the best range of yoghurts I’ve tried in a fair while and will certainly be looking to buy up the world supply of the strawberry ones.



You can also buy just the 0% greek yoghurt on its own, a 2% and full fat options are also available but these do not come flavoured. These are great for mixing with your own fruit or cereal, but you can also use them in savoury cooking (I recently used some instead of a white sauce in my lasagne and some in a curry too).

All yoghurts mentioned can be bought in most supermarkets for competitive rates based on the weight/pot sizes.

Thanks to Fage UK (Total Greek Yoghurt) for supplying me with the yoghurts.

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