Chef the film

Chef, described as one of the comedy film must sees this summer, certainly doesn’t disappoint on providing comedy and food-induced dribbles.

With a distinct two halves to the film, the plot of a great and ambitious chef being crushed down and not having the chance to shine and do food that he truly believes in, is something that most people can associate with their own work and bosses whatever working environment they are in. However, in this film it is made all the worse by the fact the chef really wants to impress a food critic but gets forced to stick to the same five year old menu that he has to cook everyday.

The second half of the film turns into a very American-Dream style film where the main character gets the chance to start up a food truck, serve amazing food to people and go on a massive road trip. An opportunity provided thanks to his extremely well-off Cuban ex-wife encouraging him to go on a trip to Miami with her and their son. Of course, the film widely avoids the issues that many people have with Cubans resident in Miami and their general politics, and instead just focuses on it as a positive thing because of the food that they brought to America.

However, the film is about more than just going on a culinary journey and looking into the gloomy reality of kitchens and cooking for many of the industries professionals, it also covers a father-son relationship that is strained because of divorce and work commitments. A part of the plot that largely underpins the whole film, without it being made obvious. This, seeming subplot is actually what makes the whole film and adds further strength to good food represents good love where a family business can thrive well.

After the credits start rolling it shows us how to make a Cuban sandwich, which unsurprisingly, is a main theme of the show, especially as the food van is ultimately an old taco van turned into El Jefe. It’s a film that food lovers across the globe can associate with, going and picking out the best ingredients, putting them together to make tasty food and presenting it in a way that means people love to eat it. Of course, it is ultimately a film about the mundane life of many ordinary people just with a spark of comedy wit.

Absolutely must see, a cracker of a comedy, a dribble worthy feast on the eyes, five out five stars.

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