Lunch is the perfect chance to try new places

Sometimes there can be so many gorgeous looking food places dotted along your daily walk or near to where you live and work but you never find the time to relax, spend a bit of extra cash and have an evening out.

But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on some succulent and tasty grub, instead you should incorporate it into your day. It wasn’t until my partner said to me one afternoon that if we went into a particular cafe I’d be trying somewhere new. As a big foodie and a lover of getting to try new food, sit in different atmosphere and just try to find the best place to grab a bite should somebody ask.

Recently, I’ve been attempting to ensure I get outside for at least an hour or two a day, I’m aware that revising for my university exams means that I stay inside just a little bit too much and doing that naturally leads to stress. Going out, having some lunch and getting away from that work desk is really beneficial to increasing overall focus where it matters.

Whether it is a fresh, fluffy and soft baguette with lightly grilled salty halloumi and carefully sizzled mushrooms and peppers with some freshly cut juicy tomatoes or a hot, spicy, succulent prawn udon noodle soup to get your chopsticks and soup spoon stuck into there is such a wide variety of tasty foods and cuisines out there.

You can grab your favourite lunchtime dish and find out which way is best to have it cooked and served, or if different types of bread make all the difference or you can try something new out without having to splash out on a full evening meal cost or trying to figure out how to cook it yourself when you aren’t quite sure of how it should actually taste or appear.

And there’s a large amount of street food places popping up, but you don’t have to go to those! Remember, there are proper rustic, traditional and modern cafes on every street that you can still go into, get a wide variety of things from and you can sit in and take some time out of your day in. Remember, after all, your lunch break is called that for a reason. Take that thirty minutes or hour to really treat yourself, look after yourself and make your life a little better by having good food!

Because, above everything, there’s nothing good about grabbing a cheap but soggy sandwich which somebody has clearly just thrown together without any love or care in ensuring that you have an enjoyable experience. And, as it clearly isn’t viable to spend money out on lunch everyday in some of the places that we might want to try out, but they can also inspire us.

You might try a really flavoursome, juicy and melt-in-the-mouth beef with some finely chopped fresh, crunchy and colourful vegetables, with a dash of spiced up soy, chilli and ginger sauce and absolutely fall in love with it, and if you do then there’s nothing wrong with on a Sunday saving a few bits of veg and putting some of that carefully roasted beef aside and having yourself a real treat of a lunch the next day.

Whatever you’re into and like to eat, there’s something out there for you for lunch. Devour it, treat yourself, be divine, enjoy it, be adventurous, be unusual, be experimental and most of all remember that lunch time is a time for you, not working from your desk. You never know what you’ll find out there, a new cheap but relaxing place to eat or a completely new ingredient – after all, why should lunch time food be a repetitive dull chore instead of as enjoyable as an evening meal in or out the house?

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