Food festivities

So I’ve been away from my blog for a couple off weeks. As you can imagine I’ve been pretty busy with the Christmas a New Year period. Not only have I spent a lot of time just relaxing with family and friends but I’ve also had a lot of university work to prepare for too.

I’ve made, or at least helped to create quite a few different things over the last few weeks. Some of which I got on camera, others of which I didn’t. I helped to make a large amount of paella, a christmas lasagna, prepared A LOT of vegetables for christmas, made a nut roast, watched people create wensleydale cheese ice cream and loads of other stuff.

For me the last few weeks have been great. They’re a great chance to express yourself with food and to try new things, or simply to challenge yourself by constructing multiple things all at once. For example I attempted to make mince pies (without any cutters to make them a good rounded shape), white chocolate and cranberry cookies, rocky road and chocolate truffles (which made my hands very messy) all in one afternoon. Let me tell you, they were some of the most stressful hours of baking I have ever faced. Starting at about 3pm and finishing at 1am is not what anybody expects to happen.ImageImage

ImageCAM00806I also helped to make vegetable spring rolls, prawn vol-au-vents, chicken goujons, potato skins and a fruity leafy salad the day after. Which involved more just figuring out which order to do things in and allowing enough time for each item. It became quite a lot like a production line.


ImageSomewhere along the line I helped to make a cheese and onion pie or at least the herby pastry to go on top anyway! It’s a simple enough thing to make, you just have to be willing to put the initial prep time into it.

ImageFinally, I helped to make a healthy take on an onion bhaji which is really more like a spicy felafel! Which worked well with a prawn biryani that my mum made for the main course afterwards.

ImageIf you want any recipes for how the above were made please comment below and I’ll post them individually!

Finally, happy new year and enjoy cooking!

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