Comforting Crumpets

Everybody that knows me, knows that I absolutely love crumpets. They’ll know I put loads of different things with them and that almost any combination can solve any one of my emotional struggles.

I don’t know what exactly it actually is about crumpets, but I do know it isn’t just me that loves them. Every now and then my twitter feed bursts into a flurry of crumpet based discussion, mainly around what’s acceptable to have on a crumpet and what’s absolutely unacceptable.

For me, almost anything goes, they are so versatile and can ultimately be sweet or savory, depending on the time of day. Sometimes I’ll keep it simple with either butter or a bit of jam, other times I’ll go scrambled egg and salmon.

Recently, I decided to have some for brunch. It was about 11am and I realised that I probably should eat something. So, I had crumpets with some leftover Quorn chorizo from the paella with some Caernarfon cheese melted on top.

ImageThe tang of the cheese with the smoked chorizo taste really set against each other well, and tasted great with the light buttery and fluffy crumpets. Of course, trying to eat them proved quite a challenge with Caernarfon cheese not exactly being known for it’s melting ability, but it was certainly worth it.

If you’re looking for something a little different to bread for breakfast or lunch, then you really should give crumpets a try, and just go with it, put on them whatever you think will work because very rarely does it not.

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