Childhood classic revived: The fish finger sandwich

I’m an absolute sucker for not wanting to grow up. Of course, we all have to. A time comes when we move out of our family home and make our own way in life, trying to pay the bills, keep a good bill of health and be happy.

Most of those things are completely out of our control. We don’t know what lurks around the next corner and whether our life is always going to be this stable, but what we can do is pretend all those worries don’t exist and eat a childhood classic: the fish finger sandwich.

Of course you could just cook some fish fingers and stick them between two slices of bread, but where’s the fun in that? I did this for brunch today, in an attempt to recreate a similar dish (minus the salad) I get from a cafe/restaurant in Central London called Hot.

ImageAs mentioned I have a dairy allergy (but I have a small addiction to cheese, so I’m having to slowly step away from it, which is proving tough – but I shall get to being vegan/pescatarian in the end) and therefore this meal is a bit of mix of logical and not so ingredients.

I used the Sainsbury’s Free From fish fingers (free from dairy, wheat and gluten) which are great, full of fish and still go that lovely crisp golden around the edge. Burgen’s Soya and Linseed bread was my bread of choice, I love it because of how soft it is, but also lower in calories than a lot of large loaf breads. Finally, (here’s the bad bit) I used some Cornish Yarg cheese (which I bought from a rather expensive cheese shop, so feel free to use a cheddar or similar cheaper mild alternative).


1. Cook the fish fingers according to the packet instructions. Mine took about 15 minutes in the oven.

2. Toast the bread lightly, you don’t want to do it too much as you are about to turn it into cheese on toast.

3. With about five minutes left put the cheese on the toasted bread and put under the grill or in the oven with the fish fingers.

4. Take it all out the oven and make it like you would any sandwich.

Image5. If you want to you can add ketchup or a similar sauce, maybe even a bit of sweet chilli sauce at this stage, it depends entirely on your tastes and when you’re eating this delight!

6. Then place it together, cut it in half and enjoy.

Now, who said that the day comes when we have to grow up and leave all those childhood things behind? Some things we can take with us, like a gorgeous fish finger sandwich.

Editor’s Note (03/09/2016): Turns out I am not allergic to dairy but rather soya, legumes, nuts and peanuts. So the bread mentioned here is now something I avoid with every possible inch of my life.

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