Where To Start in a World of Milk Replacements

There are so many different types of milk replacement out there that I had absolutely no clue where to start! All I knew is that a lot of them are widely available and at a range of prices.

I decided to give Alpro soya light a try. I needed something that I could use in cooking, but I didn’t want to get normal milk. Recently I have discovered I have a dairy allergy and have wanted to cut down on my dairy intake for quite some time, so this seemed like the perfect time to give it a try.

After using it in cooking I decided to pour myself a glass of it and give it a try. I didn’t really know what to expect of it, in either taste of consistency. I think I was very surprised by the colour of it, of course, I am used to crisp white milk, and this certainly isn’t that!


The consistency was as you would expect, very smooth and very much like milk. The taste was surprising. To me it tastes like sugared almonds, which is fine, I like sugared almonds. But I did not expect it from milk (especially considering you can actually buy almond milk!).

Perhaps this taste is increased by my buying of the long life version. I did this to ensure that I wouldn’t have to find a magical use for a pint of milk in a few days, as I really don’t like leaving ‘fresh’ products hanging around for too long.

There was nothing unpleasant, overall, about this product and I will be certain to give more milk alternatives a try, but I will certainly be looking for something a little less sweet in the future.

Any recommendations on what else I could try? What do you think of this product?

Help would really be appreciated!

One thought on “Where To Start in a World of Milk Replacements

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