Margo Lanagan’s Tender Morsels

(Apologies to those receiving email updates: this was originally published on my old blog and has since been uploaded here)

Tender morsels, do not read this book. If you are easily scared, frightened or emotionally unstable then please consider whether you can stand the depth this book presents.

It’s an amazing book. A modern success. A stunning example of language. Very powerful. A future classic.

It’s aimed at young adults, and that caused a lot of controversy. Parents didn’t want their children to go into the young adult section of a book shop and buy it innocently. They were aware of the content and didn’t want their children reading it, not so young. It maintained itself as a young adult book though. While it seems harsh and it really makes the tears run, it is a book that does indeed belong in the young adult section.

Certainly it teaches the reader a thing or two, it opens up the readers eyes and makes the reader think. It might have a subtle hint of morals, meaning and telling the readers something but it isn’t strongly put across. I think trying to put a big bold meaning through the book might scare a few more readers away. As it would just become way too heavy for them.

The first two paragraphs are the most terrifying, and the hardest bits to get your head around. Keep going though. It’s worth the pain of reading those two bits to get to the true core of the story. Just genuinely, if you cry at films everybody else laughs at, if you cry at books nobody else is ever touched by then don’t attempt to read it. Not just yet.

I talked to someone who read this book already, they’re in their 30’s and they said they wouldn’t have wanted to read it any younger. I’m 16 and I said exactly the same. While our senses might have changed as our eyes have being opened up more by media this is a book you need to consider where you are at emotionally before reading it.

Don’t attempt to read it too young, don’t buy a young teen it that’s for sure. However much you are tempted or however much they beg don’t. It will end in tears, broken hearts and petrified people. It’s an amazing book, I’d recommend it to anybody if I knew they were stable enough to handle the mature gripping content presented.

Fascinating. Well done to Margo Lanagan the author for daring to write such a book, and to the publishers for daring to publish it. It will be a great success if not now, in the future.

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