Ruth Picardie’s Before I Say Goodbye

(Apologies to anybody getting an email notification regarding this post update: This was originally published on my old blog and since uploaded here)

A sad book. Not as sad as I expected. I certainly expected to be crying my heart my heart out at the book, but no – I didn’t shed one tear.

Not because it wasn’t that sad. It was very sad. But the way it was written was down to earth. The words of the emails, letters and columns shown – showed a sort of suggestion that perhaps Ruth didn’t want tears. The words are just down to earth, hit home and show the reality. They do not cover up, or attempt to cover up what is happening to Ruth and what effects it is having on her family.

This book contains things written by a real person, going through the stages of cancer in real life. In reality this book would have been unlikely to be published if Ruth wasn’t a well known journalist. However, from the letters etc expressed there is a clear sense that she was one of the down to earth, good and proper journalists – somebody that was respected and that having her words published show the reality of a situation.

Having cancer is something nobody wants, it ruins families and all those things. This book, including the afterword and introductions by the people closest to her show exactly what happens to people. – and while reading the book you don’t see the change in the person – those bits show the difference.

To me, the worst thing about the situation was that she would leave very young twins in this world with just a dad. She would never see them grow up and they could never share special moments with her. I think that’s the worst thing for many readers and the people that were involved. You could see it breaking their heart that Ruths heart was breaking regarding the children.

This book is a memorable piece of writing and while it’s aging a bit now – it still rings ever so true. Cancer is still a horrible thing, and peoples lives are ruined by it and it’s still a cruel illness. The book should teach us all one thing, treasure every moment in life and never be afraid of saying words, like cancer.

I bet her twins are so proud.

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