Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters

(Apologies to anybody getting an email notification regarding this post update: This was originally published on my old blog and since uploaded here)


Probably one of the most lengthy books I have ever read, and one of the most enjoyable. Of course, the untimely death of the author (Elizabeth Gaskell) leaves the story at an ultimate cliff hanger, with only assumptions in the readers mind of what might have happened to the characters.

A tale with a similar background to The Merchant of Venice of love, money and travel, along with some family issues too. It brings the era the book is set in to life and makes the reader feel like they are right there alongside the characters. Having it written so that it isn’t just from one persons point of view helps to add to the overall story, as it helps the reader to get to know what is happening in more than one of the books little worlds at a time.

Having this point of view helps to let the reader know the full story, much sooner than the characters themselves get to learn of others facts, secrets and ordeals. It makes the story a very heart felt one, where the reader just wants to shout out to the characters and tell them all they know. It’s a very engaging book, and helps to teach the reader many things about the era and the the way of life.

It is more than a book, it’s an elegant, powerful and intriguing piece of writing that should be read by many for many more years to come. This is more than a story, it’s a captivating piece of history with an imaginative twist.

Read it and relieve history, relieve the life and be blown into the characters world for just a little while.

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