Stop Calling It Poppy Day

(Originally published on my old blog and since uploaded here)

Hello dear reader,

Firstly I shall briefly apologise for the lack of blog entries in nearly a month, the reasons shall be explained in another blog (without me ranting on about my personal life).

People calling remembrance Sunday “poppy day” really annoys me and upsets me. Even the media do it. Alright the sun probably don’t have 11 letter words in there simplified dictionary, however, can’t they just show some respect.

Why do people think of it as poppy day? It isn’t just a fashion accessory, and calling it “poppy day” misses the point. The poppies grew well where soldiers died, but that certainly does not make it a poppy day. What does calling it poppy day achieve? Nothing, except making the younger people in society think that it’s all about wearing a poppy. It simply isn’t.

Wearing a poppy is a sign of respect, a sign to show you remember them and a way to help raise funds for those that are currently fighting or have recently being in action. The poppy is a small part of remembrance Sunday. if people start calling it poppy Sunday they might as well call it silent Sunday. In reality a poppy means as much as someone just standing silent if they don’t understand why.

The silence is to give people a chance to think about everything and everyone that has/is protecting this country. It is not just a time to stand there being quiet. A poppy is just a poppy until you wear it and show it with pride in a way that shows you understand the meaning of it, and wear it to show you are thinking of those people.

Media need to stop calling it poppy day, help to keep the day as what it is meant to be, a chance for everyone to unite and remember. Not a chance to wear a poppy.

To all those that wore a poppy for the right reasons, to all those that were silent and thought about the right things, to all those who call it Remembrance Sunday and understand its meanings you have my respect. You have my respect like those that have fought for us, are fighting for us and those that will fight for us in the future.

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