11/10/11 Student Demo

(Originally published on my old blog and since uploaded here)

Welcome back,

The student demo against education cuts and increased fees happened last Wednesday. I was there, and that’s something I can say with pride.

Even though Millbank (the Tory HQ) ended up a disaster zone, most people of the 52’000+ were not involved. While the media made it seem like all the students were encouraging the actions of the wreckers there, most weren’t. Hardly anyone was impressed to see people throwing fire extinguishers off the roof and people attempting to pick huge paving slabs up (as just two examples) because we didn’t want to see anyone hurt. Most people at the demo have condemned the actions of those that put others lives in danger.

Of course most people seemed quite amused by the little bonfire going on where people could burn things. After all, it kept those near too it warm. It didn’t really do any harm as such, just left a little bit of a burnt mess which at least gives somebody the job of cleaning it up.

There was mixed opinions of the windows getting smashed though, some people didn’t mind it because it didn’t harm anyone and shows people anger. However, others were worried it would harm the structure of the building or cause severe damage inside, which would have made the demo have a worse appearance in the media.

It’s a shame the media have nearly completely only focused on Millbank because there are so many other things they could have said. More positive things. Then again, that wouldn’t grab the gloomy minded audiences attention anymore. The reality is the media wouldn’t care if we all behaved, it probably wouldn’t even make a mini headline. They only want to portray us in a horrible light, as young violent thugs. Maybe the media need to point out most people doing things at Millbank were members of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and not students just wanting to make their point in a bit more of a civil way.

Thank you media for missing the point. Thank you for putting some political parties actions as those of students. Thank you for renewing young peoples ‘no good’ status. Thank you for casting 52’000 of us in a bad light. Well at least you all sold your papers by looking for the bad minority and inflicting the views of them on the better majority.

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