C S Ransom’s Small Blue Thing

(Originally posted on my old blog and since uploaded here)

This is a book review of a book called ‘small blue thing’. It doesn’t come out while January 2011, however, as part of Sugar magazines book reviewers I got sent this book to read and do a 300 word review on. I thought i’d share it with you. If you find yourself with a chance to read it, you may find yourself enjoying it much more than first expected, it truly is a fine piece of modern writing.

Amazing, captivating and gripping really represents this book perfectly. It intrigues the reader and leaves them trapped within the book, in a similar way to how the character is trapped within a secret world that she can’t even begin to explain to her best friend.
With romance and heart break between a girl and a boy, it’s just a typical romance. However, for the girl it isn’t that simple, she’s fallen madly in love with somebody that she can only see in a mirror and at the strongest points in a cathedral. She can’t even tell her best friend, and when she calls for help she leaves them both in danger.
Figuring out exactly what she’s done, she jumps into a car without a valid driving license and does everything she can to retrieve what she must. She does everything she can to save her best friend and recover the mysterious item. Unfortunately it is too late and much to her enemies satisfaction she has to sacrifice herself to save her best friend.
Painfully she finds herself nearly losing every memory she ever had. Just as her family are about to turn off her life support, her best friend and the mystery boy manage to save her by reconnecting her with the powerful object she found in the river Thames.
Sadly, not all is saved, suddenly her lovers sister disappears without anybody knowing what has happened to her, and her friends start to turn against her for no apparent reason. Even the object that saved her starts to effect her.
It feels like there has become a connection between the characters and the reader, just as if the book is an amulet in it’s own form. A very intriguing story, that has left me desperately wanting to find out what happens next.

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