George Orwell’s Animal Farm

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I thought it was time I did another book review. Unlike my last book review on Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, this book is very different but still a classic in ways.

It’s a much more recently written book, getting finished in 1943 and originally published at last in 1945. It’s 65 years old, and in the long history of writing and stories it’s still practically a baby. However, the book itself has far from baby like plot lines. It highlights key issues in society and the way that society works, it tries to prove certain political beliefs and ideologies wrong but in a story that can be enjoyed by many people young and old.

You don’t need to understand how language has changed over the years to be able to interpret this book. The words and phrases are still widely used today, and they don’t seem to be misplaced. This helps to attract the modern reader as well as the more classical reader. It makes sense that the publishers ‘Penguin’ have placed this book in there ‘modern classic’ section of books. To call it just a classic would confuse the reader as to what to expect, as this isn’t my definition of a classic.

Unlike Jane Eyre, the sort of story which I call a classic, Animal Farm is unique and stands out as a strong powerful book. Like most classics, new and old it provokes thoughts and intrigues the mind to various degrees. For me, I read it when I was still 15 and I could understand it from the point of view that it tries to insist that society always needs somebody in charge, and that they will always want power and be slightly greedy. This is the general view throughout the book, and it appears that the author George Orwell was  highlighting the issues with Marxism.

To a younger reader, it may just appear that some pigs are being greedy and start to act some what like the humans that the animals want to get away from. However, to a teenager and to adults the real reason is certainly made clear. Whether we agree with it or not is a different matter completely. Personally, I agree with it to an extent, as those people who we are with will one day try to take control and slowly turn into the things and people that we have grown to loath over the years.

It’s not a very long piece to read, and it could be made so much more in depth, but it meets its needs and gets the writers points across perfectly. It was great for getting me back into reading, it reminded me what books were all about, putting a story across that the reader can connect to and go away to think about. I could barely put the book down and felt I had to keep reading to not only find out what happened but to give myself some answers too.

No answers were found, while the book gave written hints, it still left me pondering. Even now I’m still wondering about elements of it. It’s a great read that combines so many elements together. If you want a fast, intriguing and thought provoking read then make sure you find the time to grab this book. Purely amazing and great writing techniques make this story come to life in unbelievable ways.

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