Why I Struggle To Understand The Current Government

(Originally posted on my old blog and since uploaded here)

A lot of people are currently finding fault with the government and the plans and ideas they have put out. The thing is, very few areas of the media seem to be picking up on one thing. After all they keep saying how they want to help this country reduce the debt and to do the best for the people in this country. Also, the way they put the views across, makes me personally feel like they are blaming the people.

However, I can’t agree. After all, it isn’t the peoples fault. Not really. We don’t get a say in what government money does and doesn’t get spent on. Ultimately we have very little say in the entire process. It isn’t the people who messed this country up, we didn’t ask for this debt, I wish they’d stop suggesting it.

More annoying, how can they say this is the best for the people? How do they know what is really best for the people, when they haven’t asked a large amount of the population. I don’t think a lot of people agree with the cuts the government are suggesting. After all, who would want increase taxes, less social welfare help and generally less public services? Isn’t this what people pay tax for? I always thought it was to help the people needing it and to have public services (including sporting facilities and such like, as well as emergency ones).

If obesity is getting worse then why cut council money, so they can no longer focus on the ‘luxuries’ of such things. Even though in reality, swimming pools and public sports halls benefit society in more ways than just health, it is feared that money shall be diverted away for this for more ‘crucial’ things. Sadly, I fear the government hasn’t thought my point through. Sports halls and swimming pools not only help give people a chance to lead a healthy lifestyle but they also have various benefits to people with disabilities and health issues. As well it gives friends, family and work colleagues to do something cheap, local, healthy and fun. If things like these do suffer and so do the people, will more stress be put on the NHS’ decreasing budget, with more people getting obese and those people with health issues unable to cope without intervention?

Or maybe, the government has thought this through completely and they know what will happen. Maybe they want to do this to see if there will be more private investors and a larger business sector. I’ve always felt like the conservatives just want the best for the business sector, or rather the people in it. After all, private businesses in these sectors increasing means more people can become money grabbing and money obsessed. Making them fit more into the conservative voting band. Especially if it appears like they have done a good thing.

The government is utterly confusing me, I doubt they have thought any of these simple things through properly. Of course, I could go on to give plenty more examples, but in reality I think you’d slowly start to disappear and stop reading. I don’t understand them at all, why are they going to do this? To make people richer, while making the poor less capable to do anything? That’s how it appears.

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