Weekend Away Refreshes And Soothes The Mind

(Originally posted on my old blog but since uploaded here)

(Firstly I shall quickly apologise for not doing a blog recently. There are several explanations to this, which are to be explained.)


I’ve had the most amazing weekend just gone. The weather wasn’t too bad and it was generally peaceful. It’s wonderful to be in college just Monday to Wednesday, as it means I can occasionally have long weekend breaks.

While the travelling itself was very tiring, 4 and a half hours on the coach and nearly an hour on the train each way, it’s certainly worth it! Of course it’s worth it. It’s fairly cheap, although the coach was cheaper both ways than the train was one way. That doesn’t put the weekend on a downer though. Both parts of the journey are very comfortable and relaxing, and well taking me to my boyfriend down in Kent, is for sure worth any bit of irritation and tiredness.

This leads me on to ask though, why train travel varies so much between the north and the south. After all the same distance journey with similar times in the North during super off peak time is simply five pounds at most, but in the south it’s nearly 11! In the grand scheme of things, 11 pounds doesn’t sound that much, but it is. After all, for £1 more than that, I can get to college for 2 weeks.

I guess the answer is reasonably simple. The south is the business heart of the city, with in my opinion generally less frugal people with more income to spend out. To them that’s normal, they don’t realise they’re being ripped off or that simply they should care a bit more. The other possibility is that the area going in and out of London attracts a lot of tourists, and therefore they think tourists don’t care about how much money they have to pay if they get to see one place or another.

Somebody needs to tell these people that if the North can have a successful, cheap and desirable rail service, so can the south. Just because people have the money, doesn’t mean they should be forced to spend it. It’s the business sector being money grabbing and unthoughtful. It’s very devastating to think that they can exploit people just because they have money. I thought only people like the government exploited people, usually the lower to middle incomes. Clearly I’m mistaken.

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