Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre

(Originally published on my old blog and since uploaded here)

I’ve decided to do a series of blogs not related to college and such like, but something that I find relaxing and fun myself. I hope you still enjoy these blogs as much as my others.

The story of Jane Eyre is an intriguing one, for me it was one of my first ‘real classic’ books to be reading. It gave me a great new sense of linking to characters and made me really feel as if i knew the person or was actually in the story itself. It started to make me realise how much books have changed over time. After reading much more modern books, that still have their own good points, for me they don’t do what this book does.

It appears to be something that could actually happen, especially in the time it was written. With a child losing her parents and having her uncle adopt her to only die, finding herself left in the care of her wicked auntie, the story already grabs the hearts of many. As sadly this was the realism of the world at the time, with rich and poorer members of family and young ages for deaths, many young children ended up becoming adopted by family members that didn’t really care.

All throughout the story, following the character of Jane Eyre, brought me to tears on various occasions. As the decisions she found herself making or the situations she was in, she didn’t have much choice about. It isn’t just about adoption and life in the family though, it is also a dramatic story about love, rejection and denial. With parts of education and exploring thrown in. It sounds like a mish mash, but it all fits in together perfectly.

Charlotte Bronte does a very good job of expressing this story, partly as some of it was based on her own life experiences. It gives the reader a chance to understand life in the period and also some parts of Charlotte’s. This not only makes us feel more connected to the people in the story but to the writer as well. This is the first book in which I have ever read that was partly based on the writers own experiences, which is indeed a lovely and devastating story. However, it’s a shame that more modern stories aren’t also like this. The fact the modern day writers isolate themselves and hide away their personalities is something that in my opinion is such a shame. It’s like losing an identity, it seems to me that stories written many years ago, with the personal reflection and the ability to connect is so much more powerful than it just being a pure story.

That was the start of my real love for classics, if you haven’t ever read a classic, try too because reading one is so rewarding and such a personal journey, I can almost guarantee you will love and appreciate it. If you’ve read them before, I hope you still do and encourage others. It really is a completely different side to reading and books, the real great side.

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