Books And There Style – Impact On The Young

(Originally published on my old blog and since uploaded here)


All books are good in there own way. They all do something to captivate and interest the reader. The way all writers use words, is very powerful and they are all used for reason. Obviously without words there is no written story, but the words that are used are stringed together in a very powerful and intriguing way.

Biographies and auto-biographies intrigue the reader by showing some body else’s life through words. They often show the real life behind the person that has perhaps until then hidden themselves or used their characters to hide (if they have being in a film or TV series). It gives a chance for people curiosity to be answered instead of becoming uninterested by the character for not knowing the real person behind it. Young people, certainly teenagers seem to love to read such sorts of books. After all they have being brought up surrounded by media and people having their life invaded by press and media. They seem to believe that it is only right that they know everything about every single person that means something in the world or has a little bit of fame. Books like these are in various ways great, but it also decreases the level of social respect and understanding that some things should just be left not said.

Factual books are used to inform us. So words are used in a very strict sense to tell us whats going on. In a very similar way that words are used to express news on TV, the Internet and printed media. If a factual book doesn’t intrigue the reader through its use of words, it has indeed failed not only on the main point books are there but also it has let the facts down and the real life stuff for not expressing it to many people. Many youngsters now seem to find these books very dull and pointless, they would much rather do a google search for information than go to the library and make notes on books. Books are a great thing to have facts on as they last much longer and are great reference materials that are much more reliable than the Internet, but for some reason many other young people no longer seem to realise that.

The ‘story book’ is often used to bring the reader’s imagination and creativity to life. They often give the writer a chance to express their views and let ideas develop, that may never really happen. It also gives people a chance to escape from the real word and get captivated by made up people’s stories. That’s the ‘modern story book’ of course. With vampires, myths and magic currently captivating the younger audience of reading, the sense of reality in books is some what dwindling. While magic and such like does great things for youngsters creativity, it somewhat leaves other ‘older’ books classified as ‘dull’ and ‘pointless’ to them. In reality, youngsters could learn a lot about life and such from older books, but the depth of language and meaning turns them off. It’s something I fear means we will one day lose that ability to write like those current classics.

Hopefully, young people just like me, will realise that all books are worth reading, including the genres I haven’t mentioned. I love to read, the content, the way words re used and the ability to captivate is something that only comes across so very well on paper in a hand-sized portable fashion. Even the very same story on the internet doesn’t have that same appeal. I hope we can save the book, because to me, they are very valuable.

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