Good Morning? Good Night?

(Originally published on my old blog since uploaded here)


With the winter drawing nearer, the chilly mornings and long nights are well on the way. It means that for many, they go to work or college just before sunrise and return home just as the sun is setting.

For many, they can handle the long days, as physically it feels no different to any other. However, psychologically the effects can impact on peoples lives. For many it means they see none or little day light which doesn’t seem too bad to those who don’t endure it. Sadly though, those that do go through it start to think that day light no longer exists and not seeing the day, something so bright and happy can immensely depress people.

It’s not just that though. It messes with the body clocks. How do they know when to get up? when to sleep? if all they see is the darkness or dim light? Their body doesn’t seem to wake up like it would if it seen daylight, like a plant in some respects.

This year, I will experience this first hand, it’s quite a scary prospect and I hope it doesn’t effect me too much.

For those that will be just like me this winter, good luck. It’s going to be a very long winter.

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