Students Get Discounts

(Originally published on my old blog since uploaded here)


Today, I got my scholars photocard. Entitling me to half price bus and train tickets and also giving me the chance to get a weekly bus pass. I only go on the buses three days a week at the moment, so for me, I don’t need to get a weekly ticket as it would just work out costing more.

However, for those that have to go in everyday, it works out much cheaper and helps students to save their money for materials and other such things. As in reality, most students won’t have that much money to spare throughout a week.

Luckily, it isn’t just travel students can save on. Many shops offer student discounts and cheaper prices on various things. However, for those most people require a NUS student saving card. This card costs 11pounds, and while students might have to save some money up to get one of the cards, in the long run it saves them money eventually.

The question is though, why is it only for 16-18 and sometimes 24 year old that get this offer? After all, while parents and careers are expected to pay for anything the child needs during high school, some of the stuff is very expensive and sometimes the money can’t just be produced. So why aren’t 11-16 year old entitled to a saving card, even if it’s for smaller savings, they still need things. In fact, at 11-16, while in school more money is spent that 16-18 year old. This seems slightly unfair on parents and any child having to pay for money out of their savings or wages.

Understandably though shops don’t want to give everybody discounts and 16-18 year old are generally expected to take personal responsibility for finance, however, not giving wider ages a discount widens the social equality barrier. While at secondary school, pupils seem to need more stuff, whether it be equipment or uniform it isn’t cheap. Therefore families with less spendable income have to find cheap alternatives and those better off can get all the best stuff. Understandably, if all shops offered discounts it would defeat the point. However, if certain shops offered discounts more people would be encouraged to go there and therefore pupils would be more likely to get there things from the same place. Making them all appear the same and any boundary there is would be hidden.

Luckily, I can get discounts and save money, making me look just like anyone else, richer or poorer than me.

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