Foreign Language Syndrome

(Originally published on my old blog since uploaded here)

Good day,

The title sounds like something you imagine hearing about in a science fiction film from the 80’s. However, that isn’t where I heard it. Somewhere much more realistic pointed it out to me. As a journalist student I need to keep up to date with the happenings locally, regionally, nationally and world wide. So when the BBC brings it onto there screens through the presenters auto-cues, you find yourself turning your head, questioning the sudden sanity of the program.

The heart-breaking thing is, that it wasn’t a joke. Listeners tuning in may have suddenly suspected it was April fools day with such comments, but when you realise it’s real and does exist it makes you reflect on life. A simple bang to the head often just causes a headache, minor concussion and such like, but the idea that the same force of bang to the head could completely change you as a person is terrifying.

Sometimes we all have a little bit of a grumble and complaining session about who we are and how we act or how our accents portray us, but the idea that all that can change overnight is just a phenomenal event. People that have wanted to have foreign accents have suddenly ‘developed’ them and are left with not only their voices ruined but their whole lives devastated.

A voice seems like a simple thing. We can communicate without it, and peoples sound different from street to street let alone looking country to country. Your accent, how well you are understood by your colleagues can make the difference between getting a job and not, or getting the promotion you worked so hard for.

The idea that our whole world, our whole life can be changed by a simple knock to the head should remind us how lucky we are.

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