Taking A Risk In Education

(Originally on my old blog since uploaded here)


On a day like today all may look well. The sun is shining, there aren’t any horrible looking clouds around and the birds are tweeting the mid-day song. However, we all know that things are far from stable. Our government still has issues, our economy isn’t where we want it and young people are facing a very tough time in education.

It’s that time of year, students of varying ages dread even more than the exams themselves. The results. Those nerves though, are made even worse when people always say the exams are getting easier. In reality, no they aren’t. It’s just now students know they need to get the best grades for even a normal job. So they work solidly throughout their course just hoping to make the cut. It isn’t just the students determination, while people blame teachers for letting education down most of them are great at motivating students and encouraging them to reach their potential. Yes, teachers are made to feel the pressure to meet targets and expectations from their colleagues and the government, but teachers like nothing more than seeing pupils succeed.

People appear to forget how stressful their exams were. They claim they were more stressed because all their exams came along at once. However, when we talk to people that lived in the generation of doing all their exams at once and that live with somebody studying for exams now, it is clear that even they understand there is more pressure. In reality, you get one exam out the way an you have to focus straight on another one. It’s two or more years of solid revision, without really having a life. It’s doing coursework from the minute you walk through the door of where you live till the moment you go to bed. There is no relaxation, and what’s more, most students put in more hours into work and revision than people in a full time job works. Yet the generation of learners right now are ‘slackers’ and ‘lazy’. Students work and work just hoping they reach that light at the end of the tunnel, the perfect grade. When they don’t get that grade, they become upset. Even if, say at GCSE, they get an A, they believe they have failed and are one of those lazy slackers. When is that really fair? Why can’t they be given praise, because lets face it, that is a great grade and a lot better than most people do. So having people saying that exams are easier makes them feel even worse. I remember thinking for my history, “owwh, I only got an A and if all this has been made easier, twenty years ago surely I would have failed”. However, that simply isn’t true because now we need to know a wider range of subjects in depth. Ask us and somebody in their 30’s/40’s the same question and you would be surprised who knows more.

No course is easy, they don’t want it easy, because life isn’t easy. Right now, we all know how true that is.

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