Rimmel’s The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks

Thursday was my day off. I had a missed parcel on the Tuesday so arranged for it to turn up when I would actually be around.

Sure enough that package, shipped over from the USA, arrived but flung into my hand by the postman was a rattling red padded package. Nothing else was due to come in the post, at least I had not ordered anything or had any companies get in touch with me to send me things, but the packaging and the labelling looked similar to when Rimmel sent me their new Scandal Eyes Reloaded over a few weeks ago; which I admitted did not wow me.

The post I was expecting

On opening the package up I was more than delighted; I am talking getting up and dancing around before sitting down and saying nnnoooo waayyy over and over again. Not just one or two lipsticks came out but nine full sized lipstick tubes landed on my bed. Reading the information sent along with them it turns out they are part of Rimmel’s The Only 1 Matte lipstick collection.

Standing to attention

Some of the colours called out to me more than others but it was good to see a variety of natural shades that could be worn by more than just the pale white woman as a “nude” although I did fear that the darker shades would struggle, as a lot of drugstore matte lipsticks do, to come across truly opaque and without patches dotted around the lips.

Swatches of the new shades

After a little bit of going back and forth, perhaps two or three times instead of one simple swipe, the colours built up beautifully. As well as them providing a good amount of colour pay off and seeming to not come out patchy and uneven they certainly matched the matte name.

Unlike a lot of matte lipsticks though these ones felt creamy to apply but also managed to not bleed out of the lip line (without lip liner) making them great for on the go application. The lasting power of the lipstick is pretty decent and even if the main bulk of the product comes away the pigment is strong enough to leave a small even amount of staining on the lips.

The packaging itself is a bit of a mixed bag as it feels like a cheap plastic and the matteness of it makes the flimsy and thin feel of it look more obvious. They have done it so there is a band of colour on the lower half of the tube and this fairly accurately represents the shade of the lipstick when applied and I feel this is a real winner instead of having to pick them all up to look at the labels underneath.

There are some pretty serious issues that I cannot ignore though. The first is the smell. They strongly smell like crayons and even after they have sat on your lips for several minutes the smell is still obvious. The second is the shape of the product. Because of the way the product is shaped in the tube and that it is quite a stiff product it makes application difficult and has resulted in several clear swipes occuring outside the lipline.

610 High Flyer is my early shade favourite but perhaps if I dare to become a little braver then the brighter reds and purple might come out to play. They seem like a fabulous product though and I am delighted that Rimmel sent these to me for consideration.

Month Two Update On My August 2016 Aims

What a month! Not only have I settled further into work and started to get into new routines and more positive habits of making the most of my time off and days in general but, despite the nights closing in and the weather being a downer, I am still feeling pretty upbeat about life at the minute.

Last month I talked about how very little had been achieved in the first month since my 22nd birthday and how I was okay with that. Since then only a few things have happened but the things that have feel like a fairly big deal.

We got through the entire month without needing any financial help from anybody. Rent, council tax, phone bills, internet, utilities, travel, food and the endless list was all covered in my partners smaller than expect wage from last month and my single week of working wage. And whilst the month has been pretty tight we did also manage to get a couple of things and have a few tiny treats. But more importantly that means the months ahead are going to be financially stress-free and we can bring down those overdrafts at a comfortable rate without sacrificing too many treats.

I did buy myself a lunch box, though not the one I suggested I was going to get, but instead one with several compartments from TK Maxx. I dug around the kitchen cupboards and remembered I have a BKR bottle so that saved me having to purchase one and with the multi-compartment lunch box my snacks are all in there too. So now I can take lunch with me to work and know everything is well contained and I can keep myself hydrated too. The simple things in life eh?

Sadly I still need to buy those black socks that I mentioned although I did spend the Primark voucher and did get some fluffy socks. And the stationary, apart from a small notebook to make essential notes in at work, has also not happened yet but I am not in a position where I feel those things are required as I found a hidden stash of lined paper and pens so they should keep me going for a while.

The other main thing we spent on, apart from finally being able to purchase a few more vegetables and snacks (seriously I forgot what fruit tasted like and have never loved anything so much in my life), was a Chinese takeaway that came to about £15 and created leftovers for lunch the day after. We are going to make sure we limit ourselves to one takeaway a month though because otherwise that is just throwing money away and needing to loosen our trousers. Ow and I also got another bottle of my favourite foundation because the one I was using had completely run out and my initial replacement was breaking me out.

But talking of loosening trousers I have actually had to tighten mine up. Since starting work, using more energy to think and walk around and actually do stuff I have really noticed the lbs drop away. Since my birthday I am over a stone down and that is mainly through returning to consciously choosing my food, how much to eat and when to eat but also using more energy up. Hopefully I can keep it up and use the progress of the last couple of months as motivation to stay away from all the treats we can now afford and all those things that pop up in the approach to Christmas.

The aims for the month

  • We are seeing a couple of our friends in a few days time so we will probably use that as a chance to get some treat food+drink but with that it also involves walking to the train station and back as a minimum so y’know it all balances out right?!
  • That multi-tasking waffle maker I keep banging on about everywhere (sorry twitter followers) will finally be mine. That £10 I need to put towards it is now finally in my hands with nothing assigned to it.. so come at me waffles, toasties and paninis every.single.day – and there was me talking about wanting to carry or losing weight just a moment ago.
  • Figure out what people are getting for Christmas and budgeting for it all. This does not mean I am going to rush out to the shops in the month ahead and purchase everything but what it does mean is I can try and set aside a bit of money towards it and mull over those gift decisions before actually carrying them out. Is it just me that thinks something will be great, purchases it and regrets it a couple of days later?
  • If you seen my empties post at the start of the month for things that I used up during September you will know I got back onto the Use It Up wagon. This month I am really going to focus on remembering what I already own and if I go to purchase something considering if I already have it, it is similar to another item or if I even really need it in the first place. having money to spare kind of scares me because it is not something I am used to and I need to learn to restrain myself from buying things just because I can.
  • I want to go to the local cafe and grab something to eat one lunch time with my partner. Not only do we really need to try out more of our local eateries and figure out what is good and not but we have heard so much about some of them for so long that we need to know is the hype worth it.

There are probably a few other things that could be included on this list for the month but I know that the above points are perfectly possible and likely to actually happen and with that I will stay motivated and upbeat about everything going in the right direction. At this stage putting something down like going to a theatre show is a bit unrealistic of me because that could happen but I need to figure out our finances a little better and come to grips with what is realistic to expect. Wow I am such a bore. Can we not just wake up with massively loaded bank balances please?

What are you aims from now until mid-November? have you achieved anything recently? And do you have any tips to avoid those tempting snacks and Christmas items?

Bulmers Crushed Red Berries and Lime

Just a couple of days ago I was chatting about how I do not drink very much and with that part of me expected the other bottle of cider to sit in the fridge for a couple of weeks or until my partner got bored and decided to drink it himself.

But after a couple of stressful days and feeling a bit gloomy it got cracked open much sooner than expected. It looks and sounds a lot more like other ‘not apple’ fruity ciders out there with that ruby red tone through the bottle.

Simple red contents and label

Not only did it look similar but it tasted pretty similar to a lot of run of the mill berry ciders as well – mainly the Strongbow one. Sweet with a hint of flavour but nothing really obvious or clear cut.
The flavours mushed together, as you would expected a lot of crushed berries to do, and as a result it landed somewhere between strawberry and raspberry without giving much of the game away. For me this lack of depth of flavour is a bit of an issue as I like to be able to get a clear hint of at least one fruit in my drink.

This is certainly not one that I would elect to purchase again in the future as it really lacked any sort of wow flavour and the taste was okay but nothing to write home about or raise the roof for. A less striking packaging than the blueberry one and certainly less memorable.

Bulmers Wild Blueberry And Lime

It is very rare that alcohol is something that I drink anymore and when I do I want freshness, something fruity and smooth without bitterness or really heavy ending.

But on Friday night I asked my partner to get some cider for the evening and the weekend. In fact I asked for it to be a berry cider or something similar over an apple one as sometimes the apple ones can be a little too crisp and sharp for the mood I am in but a sweeter one is generally a much safer bet.

Such slick and eye catching packaging

When it turned out one of them that was picked up was a blueberry one I was a little nervous that it was going to be really sharp and have that bitter after taste or that the lime might bite through it and leave a tangy sense in the mouth that was too much.

However this was really well balanced and having had plenty of time to chill in the fridge there was a slight bitterness from the blueberries but there was also a lot of sweetness without it leaving your teeth shattering from it.

The overwhelming taste reminded me of a blueberry compote that comes as part of a fruit layered yoghurt. As well as the liquid itself being smooth and going down the throat easily the flavour remained in the mouth for a considerable time after drinking.

It is a drink that I would recommend but feel that for an Autumnal or Winter drink it really does not compare very well to other cider like offerings and that this is something I would much prefer to turn to in the heat of the summer whilst sitting outside in the garden soaking up a few rays. There is a pretty large chance that whilst the flavour reminded me of processed blueberries and it was enjoyable that the main thing that makes me want to get more of these is the sleekness of the packaging compared to Bulmers usual garish colour combinations.

Cadbury’s Ghooost Egg

Usually Halloween is not my thing but if it means there is a chance to have a Creme Egg pretty much as far away from Easter as possible then I am listening.

Of course creme eggs are very much a specific taste. For some people they can be far too sweet and sticky and for others they are a few bites, licks or sucks of perfection. There are so many ways to approach eating them that if nothing else they are a great discussion topic.

Traditionally the inside is a white mixture with an orange blob in the middle to represent an actual egg. Screme eggs have that orange blob replaced with a green one but in the case of a ghooost egg there is no ‘yolk’ and the entire goo is just white.

This does not alter the taste or texture of the product but does without doubt reduce the cost of making them for Cadburys and with that you would hope they remain cheaper than any other type. Especially as the outside chocolate layer has the same lining and star markings as any other version of the product.

These are available for Halloween so stock will be limited but may go onto clearance or discount at the start of November if there is any stock remaining. At the time of writing they are available for 50p in Sainsburys and most other mainstream food stores.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded

About a month ago on leaving work I was checking up on my emails and found one from the team that deal with bloggers and PR for Rimmel London with them wanting to pop some details onto their system.

Of course I decided to say yes, as I use their products pretty much every single time I put makeup on, but did not expect anything to come of it until my following grew a little.

Then on returning home from work last week there was a shiny orange bubble wrap letter on the floor with my name on it. Having not ordered anything recently or having any other companies get in touch Rimmel seemed the only logical, but in my head very unlikely, possibility.

On opening it I discovered they sent across a few new Scandaleyes Reloaded products as samples for me to talk about and share on my digital platforms. Therefore whilst these products were sent to me for reviewing purposes the following opinions are completely my own.

The four Scandaleyes Reloaded goodies

The mascaras are great. Initially I was pretty concerned that the brushes were going to be far too big to be able to get a precise angle on the lashes and that the size of it would stop me being able to keep the curl.

However, I must admit I was wrong. I rarely use a curler on my lashes as I am quite blessed in that department (out of all the things to be blessed in eh) and neither of these mascaras have caused my lashes to droop or feel heavy.

No transfer onto my other makeup has happened and I have not experienced any flaking. I find it quite easy to remove and have found it not surviving the tear or water tests very well so try to avoid wearing it in a downpour.

The main thing that left me feeling a little perplexed about the mascaras is I am unsure of what the difference is between the two. One claims to be black and the other extreme black but after putting one on each eye there was no difference in application, appearance or removal.

When opening the package my main excitement was for the eyeliners as it is something I have only recently attempted and the one I have is pretty difficult to work with when you have one eye that you shut and the other is just a blurry mess.

On the hand they seemed to bleed out a little but when on the eye that is not an issue at all. Application on the eye where I can see crystal clear was fabulous and so quick and easy to do but I found myself having the usual issues with the other eye.

Those difficulties highlighted one thing to me with this product: they are really stubborn to get off. No cotton ear bud is going to be your saviour once this has dried. This stuff is stuck to your lid and you are going to need to put up a fight to get it off. 

The finish on the good eye looked amazing but unless you are an eyeliner pro or have mastered the art of struggling to see out of one eye better than me then these could cause you a lot of stress and hassle.

Primark Haul: October 2016

Back in August I got a £25 Primark voucher for my birthday and because of being too tall and not stick thin I find that all the trousers finish at my knees and the shirts all become three quarter lengths. They do not do my bra size either so basically I always used to edge towards the nightwear section.

Now though with the introduction of a few more sections I found it a bit easier to spend the voucher although my local Primark seems to not have a homeware section.

As well as the below items I got my partner a simple jumper in the green colour he wanted to add to his stash for chilly days at work. Therefore everything I got for myself came to £20.

The goodies together

The Bag

The main purchase was the bag for £9. My current bag, a year and a half old from Primark, was starting to have seen better days so I decided it would be a good time to get another one. 

I need something to fit a lunchbox in, a water bottle, a notepad and then all the other usual rubbish. I opted for this one, in a lovely beige with gold hardware, because it has a zip whereas several others were just poppers and that makes me really nervous. 

Also this one has the ability to remove the strap and with it being so simple colour wise I thought that would be extra handy as an additional option for days out.

The Socks

I hate having cold feet. Whenever my feet get cold they give me the worst cramp as there is not enough blood to keep the muscles working and as a result my toes spread and my feet curl in absolute agony. Therefore I own way more fluffy socks than traditional socks.

The cosy socks were £1.70 for two pairs and I ummed and ahhed between whixh design for a fair while but went with pink and white because they go best with my VS pjs (because I want to feel my best with matching fluffy socks on?!).

The supersoft socks were £2.50 for two pairs and I was attracted to these by the flowery pattern on one of the pairs whilst also liking how soft they are. These are a little thinner than some of my fluffy socks but that makes them great for the autumn/spring days where it is cold but not so much that my feet need 100 layers on.

The Hat

Ow dear where do I begin. I seen this burgandy/maroon bobble hat at £2 and decided that it would be mine. I own one other hat, a white bobble hat, which looks just as ridiculous on my head as this one does. We all know hats look ridiculous on me so why did I decide to purchase this one..

Face Masks

After my recent empties post you might know that I prefer peel off face masks to wash off ones so I was pretty delighted to spot these from one of my favourite brands for 90p each. I have not tried this particular sort before so I am looking forward to giving it a try.

Nail Varnishes

As if I need any more nail varnish but here I am with a matte maroon and a natural satin matte one. These both cost £1.50 each and are fairly large bottles. The first seemed great for autumn and the second great for everyday work use throughout the year.